March 23rd, 2011

Dominic Russo, USPSA PresidentPresident's Letter

Dear Members,

The past several weeks have brought much attention to the referee program. I have assumed the role of Deputy Vice President and am responsible for referees, coaches, and athletes. To start, the USPSA will be introducing Referee Coordinators for the Conference Cup games. The coordinator will be responsible for assigning and assessing referees throughout the tournament. They will complete a written assessment for all center referees, which will provide valuable information on how to improve their game.

Starting next season, standards will be implemented for center referees to create consistency across the country. Registration and an exam will be required, and for recertification, a written assessment will be completed for each certified referee. The exams are still in development, but will be available online upon completion. Further, we will have a list on the USPSA website with approved referees for teams to contact for sanctioned games.

I would like to thank Chris Mulholland for his assistance with developing the referee exam...

March 21st, 2011
Doug Oakley, Berkeley Voice
Local News

When Chris Finn talks about sports for people with disabilities, he often uses the phrase "you are able." He likes it so much, he adopted it as his e-mail moniker.

The San Leandro man, who coaches power wheelchair soccer for Bay Area Outreach Program in Berkeley and who also happens to be the head coach for the USA National Team, is one of those rare magnetic types who inspires people in ways they never imagined.

Take Kendra Scalia-Carrow, 27, for example, who met Finn in 2006. Until then, she was one of those people who "hated sports" and never attempted to play. She had used a wheelchair since she was 14 and thought sports was "like a waste of time almost," something with no intellectual merit where people spent hours doing things she didn't understand.

But with encouragement from Finn and her own motivation, she has flourished as an athlete.

Five years ago sports to her was one of those concepts that had her asking, "what's the point again?" Now she is heading to Paris in the fall with Finn and 11 others for her second World Cup as a player on the USA...

March 1st, 2011

It's that time of year when tournaments are in full swing and teams from around the country compete in preparation for the upcoming conference championships. With so much Power Soccer action going on over the next couple months, the USPSA is looking for athletes and coaches to keep everyone updated on the latest in your area.

We are looking for individuals to provide live tournament updates on the USPSA Twitter feed (@powersoccerusa), write tournament recaps for the USPSA website (, and provide video for the USPSA YouTube page (

Becoming a regular contributor during this really busy and important time of year will not only allow you to get more involved with the USPSA, but it will also help spread the word about Power Soccer!

If you are interested in providing live tweets, tournament recaps and/or video content, please contact the Marketing Committee Director, Case Calvert, at calvert [dot] c [dot] l [at] gmail [dot] com...

February 26th, 2011
Mitch Pittman, FOX44
Local News

A group of athletes in Vermont is making a push towards national competition in one of the fastest growing sports of its kind.

We're talking about power soccer, truly the only team sport for quadriplegics. The Vermont Chargers have been around for almost a year, but already membership is growing and by the end of 2011 they look to be competing against 60 other teams in a nation league.

"I grew up in a sports family where my brothers played sports, my dad played sports, so to finally have this outlet is awesome," said Scott Goyette, one of the Chargers.

For more information on how to join or watch the Vermont Chargers, click on the links to the left. 

Northeast Disabled Athletic Association
Vermont Chargers

Source: ...

February 17th, 2011

Dominic Russo, USPSA PresidentPresident's Letter

Dear Members,

I have just returned from the US Soccer Annual General Meeting (AGM) and once again US Power Soccer was announced in the roll call for involvement with the business of mainstream soccer in America. While there was no direct action taken that will effect our great sport, there are a number of people who ask the question, "what is power soccer?" That is typically followed by, "I didn't know anything like that existed!" I get an opportunity to discuss and share what our sport is about to program directors and leaders in the soccer community. I also get a chance to share information about the World Cup. Being part of mainstream soccer is an important connection we need to continue to maintain. I had an opportunity to thank Dan Flynn, the Secretary General and CEO of US Soccer for their generous donation of team kits for our National Team. It is a valuable relationship we will continue to develop. We remain the only National Disabled Soccer Organization member. It was a great two days.

Nominations and applications for...

February 8th, 2011
Ben Carpenter
Local News

ben carpenter speaks"Strong legs run so weak legs can walk," a motto that has carried through all eighty-six years of the East West Shrine Game, and a line that has inspired many of today's great National Football League players. This statement truly encompasses all of the East West Shrine Game, and serves as a reminder of the amazing work of the Shriner's Hospitals for Children, which are located all across the world. This past January I had the honor of experiencing the full extent of this saying and its importance to inspiring today's youth to become active in philanthropic organizations, such as the Shriners.

Being selected as the Patient Ambassador for the game was a once and a life time opportunity. Even for someone like me, who has been used to giving speeches and meeting large groups of people, this event was gigantic. Every room at every facility we traveled to, pregame and postgame, it was standing room only, because everyone knew that this event was the Shriners event to go to; you could not ask for a better crowd of people...

January 17th, 2011

Dominic Russo, USPSA PresidentPresident's Letter

Dear members,

Happy New Year!

Competition has been abundant so far this season with over 100 games played through December. This is a great start and supports our goal for teams to play more games.

I had the opportunity to travel to the University of New Hampshire to attend a referee training class. There were 12 in attendance with referees from New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont in attendance. It was good to meet these new referees, players, and coaches during this Saturday afternoon in December. This will now pave the way for sanctioned games to begin in the New England area. Thanks again go out to Chris Mulholland for teaching this class and helping power soccer to grow in the Northeast.

Work on our referee program continues. Chris Mulholland has delivered a draft of entry level and follow-up referee exams. Once these documents are finalized we will begin to utilize this tool at training clinics and on a yearly basis as a way to measure their understanding of the laws of our game.

The World Cup preparations and plans begin...

January 15th, 2011
USPSA Marketing Committee

Dear Members of the USPSA,

The 2010 USPSA season is now underway and we are looking forward to having another successful year of power soccer. Since its inception, we have seen the USPSA and the sport of power soccer grow and develop in cities and states across the country. While we are pleased with the success of the organization, we know there are many opportunities to increase our presence around the United States. With this in mind, the USPSA Marketing Committee is creating the "Power Soccer Outreach Program."

The main goal of this program is to provide our current USPSA teams with marketing materials and guidance to help promote power soccer in their local areas and networks. The materials will include USPSA brochures, the "How to Run a Clinic" booklet, business cards, and a "Question and Answer Pamphlet." These materials will help you to effectively market the sport in your area and give you the appropriate tools and support needed.

This Outreach Program will not only benefit the USPSA, but by promoting power soccer in your area it will also benefit your program. Teams can grow two ways; by increasing the players on your team you will have the opportunity for a future team split or add a new team in your area by...

January 2nd, 2011
Ericka Sutton, Elections Chair

Dear USPSA Members and Supporters,

I would like to start off by thanking President Dominic Russo for the appointment as Chairwoman of the Nominations & Elections Committee, having firsthand knowledge and involvement with the election process during my three plus years experience as the USPSA Secretary. I will work hard to ensure that our integrity remains and everyone's voice is always heard!

This announcement is the beginning to kicking off a successful Let YOUR Voice Be Heard Campaign for the USPSA Elections! The first step to this movement is asking for YOUR involvement as a member on the Nominations & Elections Committee. The committee meets at least once per month via conference calling, generally for 1-2 hours. If you are interested or need more details, please e-mail me at uspsa [dot] nec [at] gmx [dot] com.

Below you will find the list of positions that are up for election/re-election in 2011. Position descriptions can be found at > Downloads > Organization > USPSA Constitution and Bylaws.

2011 Positions Up For Election/...

December 14th, 2010
Dominic Russo

We have received news the IPC has not selected Power Soccer to be included in the 2016 Paralympics games in Brazil. The IPC voted to retain all current sports in the Games and then voted to add two new sports. Those two sports are, canoeing and triathlon. Other sports not voted in were badminton, golf, taekwondo and basketball for athletes with learning disabilities.

While this is disappointing news, it does not define who we are as a community and does not define where we are as a great sport. Power Soccer is growing by leaps and bounds all over the world.

The USPSA and FIPFA were both founded in the same year, 2006. It is very impressive that Power Soccer was given serious consideration by the IPC for entry. It speaks to the tremendous effort of FIPFA to put forth a compelling bid. There was a large amount of work that needed to be completed to bring the sport to this point. This effort was completed by a few hard working dedicated executive council members doing a lot of work in the interest of all power wheelchair athletes around the globe. These few dedicated individuals deserve a great amount of gratitude.

I am confident it will not be long before the IPC will recognize this great sport and will become the first power wheelchair sport in the...

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