September 23rd, 2012

Jr Mamea, USPSA PresidentLetter from the President

It's that time of the year when new and old teams gear up for the upcoming Power Soccer season.  I am very excited to start the new season with lots excitement and challenges.  USPSA is looking to offer unique fundraising opportunities in the next few months to help teams offset tournament, travel, and league cost.  In addition, you will find useful information on raising funds further in this newsletter. Please be on the watch through our online posting on our USPSA website and emails to your team representatives.  Don't forget!  Register your teams, athletes, coaches and official for the upcoming season! Registration information can be found below.  If there is anything you need during the upcoming season, USPSA is here to assist in anyway we can!  Please feel free to ask!  Good luck with your upcoming season!

Roll Strong and Play Hard!

Ta'avasa "Jr." Mamea
USPSA President 

2012-2013 Registration Information

We welcome our teams back to another season of POWER SOCCER! And for those of us new to USPSA this...

August 11th, 2012

Jr Mamea, USPSA PresidentLetter from the President

In this Olympic Year, I am reminded what the Olympic spirit is all about. As a life long coach, athlete and sports enthusiast the Olympics in its purest form is about sportsmanship, respect, fair play and honoring our country. Part of our growth and development for Power Soccer is to reach the goal of becoming a recognized Paralympics Medal Sport. This can only happen with the support and advocacy of our membership, teams and our world wide Power Soccer families, partners and teams.

I am honored to lead this very proud and passionate organization into our next phase of growth. With the completion of all 2012 Conference Cup Championships, I would like to congratulate our National Conference Cup Champions - Premier Cup "Minnesota Magic", Champions Cup "CNY United" and Presidents Cup "Courage Center Blizzards". I would like to give special thanks to BRAUN ABILITY and POWER SOCCER SHOP for their Title Sponsorship with the Premier and Presidents Cup Championships, respectively. Also, thank you to our host organizations that did all the heavy lifting and coordinating...

June 22nd, 2012

In their first year in the Premier Conference, the Minnesota Magic took the tournament by storm. The Magic were undefeated and beat the three-time champion Circle City Rollers 5-1 to win the BraunAbility Premier Cup. The Magic and Circle City Rollers both won all three pool play games to earn a bye to the semifinals. Magic defeated Tampa Thunder 1-0 and Circle City beat San Jose Steamrollers 5-0 to get to the championship game. In the third place game, Thunder won 2-0 over the Steamrollers.

The final standings from the BraunAbility Premier Cup are as follows:

  1. Minnesota Magic
  2. Circle City Rollers
  3. Tampa Thunder
  4. San Jose Steamrollers
  5. BORP Bay Earthquakes
  6. Atlanta Synergy
  7. ASU Sun Devils
  8. Santa Barbara Rollin' Gauchos
  9. Tampa Bay Crossfire
  10. RHI Sudden Impact [did not compete]
June 22nd, 2012

The baton has been passed.

After six years of leading the United States Power Soccer Assocciation, Dominic and Karen Russo have retired from their positions on the Executive Committee. Junior (Jr) Mamea, from Minneapolis, MN was elected as the new President and Bill Balles, from Santa Barbara, CA was voted in as Executive Vice President. Jenny Mitchell, from San Jose, CA was re-elected as Secretary.

Said Dominic Russo at the annual meeting, "It's been an honor for both Karen and I to build this organization to the place it is in today. A little less than six years ago, the idea of establishing a national organization for power soccer was started, and we saw the importance that it have leadership. We feel good about where we are, and now it's up to all of you to keep this organization on track. I wish the new board members congratulations, and I thank you all."

Jr and Bill are excited to join the USPSA board. Said Jr: "[Team USA head coach] Chris Finn had challenged me a few years ago, saying "Well, what else can you do?" For me, it's time to step up to the plate and share my skills and my experiences from over the years. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I thank you for it." Said Bill: "Everywhere...

June 13th, 2012

Dominic Russo, USPSA PresidentPresident's Letter

Dear Members and Friends of the USPSA,

The Cups hosts are poised and the players are ready. It's time to compete for the Cup! Over the next few weeks the Conference Cup competitions will determine the best in the conferences and another great season will come to an exciting end. Play hard, have fun, and enjoy the ride of competition and camaraderie that power soccer brings.

This will be my last letter as president. Over the past six years we have grown so much and during that time, Karen and I have also learned a lot. It has been an honor to represent all of you and lead this great sport to where it is today. Together with our fellow board members and committees, we accomplished a lot. We showed the world, through two World Cup, victories! The sport may have been created elsewhere, but the US is the team to beat. Both conference and non-conference competition played 767 games this season. This is a record high! Our communication to the membership has also improved with this newsletter as a glowing example. Thank you Tony Jackson. The image we created is...

May 10th, 2012
Jeannie O’Sullivan
Local News

FLORENCE — The huge ball shot forth as if from a cannon and pummeled surfaces with thunderous force, making the newbies wince and the long-timers grin.

Metal foot guards, not sneakers, propelled the sphere around the Fountain of Life Center gym during a wheelchair sport that’s just as action-packed as traditional soccer.

The 13-inch ball is slightly bigger than the regular one, and the athletes play in teams of four on a basketball court. But all the rules of regulation soccer apply.

You attack, you pass and you defend, according to player Jerry Frick.

“This isn’t an ‘everybody wins’ thing,” he said, whizzing around to spin-kick the ball across the court.

Frick and several other members of the U.S. Power Soccer Association gave pointers during a clinic at the Columbus Road church on Wednesday.

The Fountain of Life Center was the latest stop on the Indiana organization’s tour of the Northeast, where the players are introducing the sport to legions of power wheelchair users.

The 10 participants who showed up got their wheelchairs outfitted with foot guards and were escorted by Frick to an area where experienced players mentored the newcomers.

“We have a new victim,...

May 10th, 2012

Join young players from around the world for a week of Power Soccer in Portugal!

Dates: October 28th - November 3rd, 2012
Location: Coimbra, Portugal

For the first time in its history the Federation International of Powerchair Football Association, invites young players from around the world to be part of an amazing journey. Athletes between the ages of 9 and 16 years, from any FIPFA member country, may apply to attend the first international training event. This inaugural event is sponsored by EDF, and hosted by the Fernando Foundation, longtime partners of FIPFA.

The goal is to create an opportunity for young players to live an amazing experience where they will meet players from other parts of the world. This event is a perfect mix between training for skills improvement and a global social experience. The young players will be put the through their paces and benefit from advanced training from experienced coaches.

The visiting young athletes will also be immersed in another culture and meet players from around the world who share the same passion for Powerchair Football.

Such an event is a fantastic and unique opportunity for our young players and their entourage to take part in an amazing journey.


April 28th, 2012
Local News

After writing the Senda Athletics article their founder brought an amazing and inspiring division of soccer to my attention; a little sport called Power Soccer. The more I learned about Power Soccer the more inspiring it became. It is amazing to see how far football can reach and how it can change lives.

I managed to get in contact with the head coach of the US National Power Soccer Team, Chris Finn, and asked him some questions about his experiences as Power Soccer player and coach.

How did you get into coaching?
I grew up playing sports with my focus being soccer. I dreamed of being the next Pele, playing for my country and winning the World Cup. After suffering a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia in 1992 at the age of 21, I search for a sport to play for almost 10 years until I found out about a nonprofit called the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program. One of the sports they provided was power soccer. Power soccer is a sport for people with severe physical disabilities who use a power wheelchair. The sport is four on four using the boundaries of a basketball court. The players attach a foot guard to pass, push, dribble and kick an oversized soccerball for two twenty minute halves of play. After playing for four...

April 11th, 2012

Dominic Russo, USPSA PresidentPresident's Letter

Dear Members and Friends of the USPSA,

I hope all of you are enjoying the arrival of spring. We have had some activity on the international front. I am pleased to announce Chris Mulholland has been elected as Technical Coordinator for the Americas Zone. Chris will be assisting the development, coordination, and organization of the Americas Zone training, competitions, and regulations for play. Chris joins Americas Zone President, Ricardo Souza from Brazil, and Zone Administrator, Jordan Marks from Canada, to form the executive council for the Americas Zone, otherwise known as PFCA (Powerchair Football Confederation of the Americas). There is not a planned Americas Cup tournament this year as the focus will be on organizing the Zone and preparing for a soccer clinic in Brazil. It is exciting to have this development in South America. There is a real passion for soccer throughout South America and I am confident power soccer will be no different.

There is a new change in the speed testing protocol that will apply to all competitions effective April 1. There...

March 10th, 2012
Ericka Sutton, NEC Chair

Dear USPSA Members and Supporters,

I would like to thank you for your patience while waiting for the distribution of the USPSA 2012 Elections Candidate Application. Applications can be found at the USPSA website under the Downloads tab or click here to download the application directly. It is important to note the application deadline has been extended to Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

The 2012 positions available to submit an application for are President, Executive Vice President, and Secretary. Position descriptions can be found at > Downloads > Organization > USPSA Constitution and Bylaws. If you feel that you could add to the growth of the USPSA, we strongly encourage you to apply for this life changing opportunity!

Get involved, and be a part of the 2nd Annual Let YOUR Voice Be Heard Campaign!


Ericka Sutton
Nominations & Elections Committee Chair

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