March 21st, 2013

We are saddened to announce the recent passing of two power soccer athletes: Brad Kaplan of the Desert Outlaws and Arizona Heat Elite, and Dakotah Smith of 2007's Team USA, Atlanta Synergy, and Sting. Brad had muscular dystrophy and passed away over the holidays at the age of 42. Dakotah also had muscular dystrophy and was only 27 years old when she passed earlier this week.

Please keep these families and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

March 1st, 2013

Letter from the President

We are only four months away before the defense of our USPSA Conference Cup Championships will commence.  Teams are getting their required games in and teams are beginning to get into mid-season form.  Great news is continually being fed on the news feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I LOVE reading and following the daily lives of some of our USPSA players, coaches, and fans.  AWESOME ASU Power Soccer Facebook post from Katie Dickey, Gabe Trujillo, Tony Jackson, Joey Wells and Jordan Dickey! GO ASU Power Soccer Club! Love the Facebook feeds from Ruth and Stacy from Power Soccer Shop and the Minnesota Northern Lights! Natalie Russo you are such a smart, funny and witty young lady! Love reading your post.  Star Velez, your inspirational messages are heart warming and deeply written with so much passion! Love it!  Zak Schmoll, Scott Goyette, and Anthony Reuter, keep up the great news feeds and even greater work for USPSA Power Soccer and updates coming from the Northwest Region!  Shout out to Benny Aviles with all of his efforts in helping to fundraise and spread the word of our sport in Southern California!


February 1st, 2013

Letter from the President

USPSA is moving into exciting and unchartered waters.  The new Strike Force chair is transforming this game into something that I personally have not seen before.  It's exciting to see our sport evolve with the ever changing technology, equipment and game strategies from our coaches and players. The basic tenet is still to  "PLAY HARD, Respect and Sportsmanship".  Remember, the athletes are the same, only the equipment has changed.  Our athletes still must master the "artful and fluid movement" of our game.  Many athletes on the original teams from 8 years ago are now young adults and moving into another phase of their lives.  As a coach, I am thrilled to see many of our players graduating from high school, college and moving into the workforce.

Being a positive role model is contagious!  The ability to motivate and inspire entire teams and communities into a positive light is very important! Here are some Do's and Don'ts to become a more productive player, coach and team supporter.

Always have a positive attitude!
Always be...

January 1st, 2013

Letter from the President

It is said that "New Year's Resolutions" are made and broken about as fast as they are made! Let this year be different for our families, fans, sponsors and teammates. I am challenging each and every USPSA member, fan, agency supporter, sponsor and volunteers to make one impactful resolution to bring about positive change to your team and our sport! How do we do this? We have many USPSA Committees that need fresh and exciting ideas, energy and visionaries to "jump start" things like fundraising & grant development, athletes advisory, marketing/communication and social media. USPSA cannot and will not survive unless we have active and meaningful partnership with our membership.

May your New Year be prosperous and joyful! Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy 2013!

Ta'avasa "Jr." Mamea
USPSA President


Dear USPSA Community, 

I hope everyone had a great holiday season with family and friends.  Today marks the start of 2013, and it is time to kick off the 3rd Annual Let YOUR Voice Be Heard Campaign for the USPSA...

December 1st, 2012

Letter from the President

The holidays are upon us and its time for celebration and reflection. This past year has been a great year of growth and discovery for many teams and athletes. I am reminded that during the holidays how thankful I am for all of the Blessings and Opportunities that have been given to me in my lifetime. Most importantly, I am thankful that I have the opportunity to lead such a diverse, supportive, and respected national and international Power Soccer organization. Welcome to all of the new USPSA teams that have joined the USPSA family!

As we move forward into the New Year, let's make sure that we continue to be humble, supportive and giving to our families and power soccer community. Go out and spread the good cheer this holiday season, and let them know how blessed you really are!

Happy Holidays!

Ta'avasa "Jr." Mamea
USPSA President


With the power soccer season in full swing, everyone is practicing and competing with the goal of winning a conference championship. Recently, the USPSA Conference Cup tournaments were announced. If you missed...

November 19th, 2012
Chris Mulholland

Two US Power Soccer Association (USPSA) referees participated in a 3-day clinic (16-18 November) for Associação Brasileira de Futebol em Cadeira de Rodas (ABFC) power soccer players, coaches, classifiers, and referees.  Mark Jones and Chris Mulholland taught and certified a group of 14 Brasilians and one Argentinian as entry-level national referees.  The clinic was conducted by the Fédération International de Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) and the Powerchair Football Confederation of the Americas (PFCA). 

After two days of classroom instruction and practical work on the court, the referees were then put to the test when they officiated the "1º Campeonato Brasileiro de Power Soccer", or First Brasilian Power Soccer Championships.

Four teams competed for the right to be called "Campeonato Brasileiro": two squads from the "4-Por-4" (4-By-4 or 4x4) team out of Curitiba, a city in southern Brasil, and two teams from Rio de Janeiro called Novo Ser and Arouca.  The Brasilian Championships consisted of two qualifying matches followed...

November 15th, 2012

Vote for Team USA star and World Cup MVP Michael Archer as US Soccer's Disabled Athlete of the Year


The U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year awards are the oldest and most prestigious awards of their kind, dating back to 1984 for the men and 1985 for the women, while the Young Male and Young Female awards were added in 1998. This is the first year U.S. Soccer will name a Disabled Athlete of the Year. 

Michael Archer of Greenwood, Indiana, is among the four finalists for this award. Michael led Team USA to their second consecutive World Cup victory and was named tournament MVP in Paris last fall. Last season, Michael scored the most goals and was named MVP of the BraunAbility Premier Cup.

Voting is open now and closes Friday. The online results count for 50% of the vote total. Voting is done via Facebook but it you do not need a Facebook account to vote. You can also vote multiple times!

Please spread the word and VOTE NOW!

November 10th, 2012


The Tournament Selection Committee thoroughly reviewed all bids submitted for this season's Conference Cup tournaments and made their recommendations to the Executive Committee. Earlier this week, the Executive Committee voted to approve those recommendations. We thank all hosts who submitted bids for the hard work you put into them.

Congratulations to the hosts of the 2013 Conference Cup Tournaments!

* * *

Premier Cup
Midwest Power Soccer Association
Hopkins High School & Lindbergh Center
Minnetonka, Minnesota
June 21st-23rd, 2013 

Champions Cup
IPFW Fieldhouse
Fort Wayne, Indiana
July 18th-20th, 2013

Presidents Cup
Desert Outlaws
Camelback High School
Phoenix, Arizona
June 27th-29th, 2013 

Founders Cup
Midwest Power Soccer Association
Hopkins High School & Lindbergh Center
Minnetonka, Minnesota
June 21st-23rd, 2013

The 2013 Annual General Meeting will be held during the Premier/Founders Cup in Minnesota. The Team...

November 1st, 2012


The first two months of registration has been a huge success. Thank you to all the returning teams who registered on time! All Conference teams have registered, and the Team Conference alignment will be announced with the Conference Cup tournaments later this month.

The USPSA now has 59 registered teams and over 300 athletes! We would like to extend a special welcome to nine new teams:

  • Boston Brakers - Boston, MA
  • Kryptonite Pride - Hayward, CA
  • Long Island Rolling Thunder - Massapequa, NY
  • Mass Red Steam Rollers - Oxford, MA
  • Minnesota Shooting Stars - Golden Valley, MN
  • SLO Dragons - San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Spin - Columbia Heights, MN
  • The Titans - Athens, GA
  • West Georgia Mustangs - Villa Rica, GA

We warmly welcome these new teams to the Power Soccer family!

Returning athletes must register by January 1st, and all player transfers and team splits must be completed by then as well. New players and new teams can join in at any time.

Conference Teams, if you have not yet paid it, the second half of your Conference Cup deposit is due by December 1st!

Please do not hesitate to email...

October 13th, 2012

If your team is interested The Conference Cup Bid Packets were sent to all teams in September. They are due to the Tournament Selection Committee by October 19th. Download all the relevant files here! Questions? Please contact Tournament Selection Chair, Jonathan Newman, at jonathan [at] borp [dot] org.

2013 Conference Cup Bid Packet
Bid Packet: Access Check List
Bid Packet: Budget
Bid Packet: Sample Budget
Bid Packet: Sponsorship Guidelines

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