November 2nd, 2013

Photo by Tom Dickey

Let the Dominant Times Roll

by Allen Caldwell

As this tournament continues, Team USA’s stranglehold on its opponents continues to strengthen. This dominance was clearly shown in their match against the Ireland U18 National team. The Americans started the match firing on all cylinders on the offensive side of their game. Although Ireland had a great defensive front, the U.S.’s sound passing throughout the match put the Irish defense on their heels. This caused the defense to spread out and created open lanes for Team USA to knock in goals.

It seems that the U.S. has found a formula for success that its opponents cannot seem to solve. This equation consists of great passing, execution of set plays, and an unwavering desire to stick with this plan of attack. The Americans’ passing created mistakes for the Irish that made opportunities for tons of shots on goal and set plays. This produced five U.S. goals in the first half and six goals for America in the second half. The result was an 11-0 victory for Team USA against the U18 Ireland National squad.

November 1st, 2013

Game One: An American Onslaught in Paris

by Allen Caldwell

Moments before the start of the match between Team USA and the French National team, loud cheers for the U.S. filled the arena. It felt as though it was a home match for the Americans. The U.S. kicked the ball off and started a bit slow and sluggish, trying to get a feel of the French team. After a couple of minutes in the first half, the U.S. was in attack mode offensively and continued to attack throughout the entire match. This intensity caused France to make critical mistakes in and around their defensive box. Having penalties such as Two on Ones and Three in the Box gave the U.S. many goal-scoring opportunities.

From beginning to end, the U.S. dominated the match. Team USA was on their offensive side of the court most of the match. This offensive pressure produced a plethora of shots on goal and set plays.  The accurate passing and wonderful execution of set plays were too much for the French team. This passing created a total five goals (four in the first half and one in the second half). At games end, Team USA defeated Team France by the score of 5-0.


Game Two: Steamrolling Ahead

by Sifat Baig...

October 26th, 2013

All the action will be available at with commentary by Tony Jackson and Jerome Durand. It will also be archived if you do not wake up early enough for all the excitement.

Thursday, October 31st
(all times Eastern Daylight Time)

- 4:30am : Vaucresson (FRA) - Ireland U-18
- 5:30am : United States of America - France
- 6:30am : Finland - Ireland U-16

- 8:30am : France - Vaucresson (FRA)
- 9:30am : Ireland U-16 - Ireland U-18
- 10:30am : Finland - United States of America
- 11:30am : Vaucresson (FRA) - Ireland U-16

Friday, November 1st

- 4:30am : France - Finland
- 5:30am : Ireland U-18 - United States of America
- 6:30am : Finland - Vaucresson (FRA)

- 8:30am : United States of America - Ireland U-16
- 9:30am : Ireland U-18 - France
- 10:30am : Vaucresson (FRA) - United States of America
- 11:30am : Finland - Ireland U-18
- 12:30pm : Ireland U-16...

October 8th, 2013

On Thursday, October 31, the first ever U18 international power soccer tournament, the EDF-US Metro Trophy, will kick off in Paris, France with a four-team field. Our own Team USA is comprised of players from across the country and will challenge opponents from France, Finland and Ireland.

Led by two-time World Cup winning head coach Chris Finn and assistant coach Bill Cain, the roster is as follows:

Jake Bath (BORP Crushers, California)
Zach Dickey (RHI Sudden Impact, Indiana)
Lexi Heer (RHI Indy Cruisers, Indiana)
Riley Johnson (Minnesota Magic, Minnesota)
Tyler King (DASA Dynamites, Missouri)
Michael Rodriguez (RHI Indy Cruisers, Indiana)

Please support our team as they prepare for this competition, and if you want to know a little bit more about each of our athletes, head over to our sister site to keep up with their progress!

October 2nd, 2013

Letter from the President

Dear Friends of Power Soccer,

This month we will be traveling to Medtrade in Orlando, Florida where the top manufacturers of durable medical equipment will all be together to display their newest and best ideas and products. We were invited through our sponsor, MK Battery, to participate in this great event. We hope to meet and talk with many companies that could become sponsors to help with expenses for Team USA and our continuing mission of providing opportunities for people in power wheelchairs to play.

This brings me to another topic that deals with perspective. A lot of our focus is about competition, the addition of the Strike Force chair and what it does for the players and the teams who have them. However, the real underlying principle of our organization and our sport has always been providing opportunities for people to play. For those organizations who are incubators for teams to start, like BORP, DASA, Turnstone, AzDS, GLASA, and others, I'd like to thank you for getting teams started and providing opportunities for people to play....

August 8th, 2013

Letter from the President

President Dominic RussoHello everyone,

I first want to thank Junior for his service to the USPSA. I wish him all the best. I also want to thank all the well wishes from all of you. It is a great honor to lead this great organization again.

MK Battery has become our first multi-year sponsor. They have committed to being the Title Sponsor to all four Conference Cup Championship, committed to supporting Team USA and our U-18 team. This clearly makes MK Battery the official battery of the USPSA. I have had an opportunity to meet and speak with several people with MK and all are excited about this new relationship with our sport. We are excited about receiving this additional funding to assist us in advancing our mission to reach out to power wheelchair users to give them an opportunity to experience a team sport.

The U-18 team has been selected and Chris Finn and Bill Cain will lead this group of top players as Head Coach and Assistant Coach respectively. This is the first ever U-18 national team program. The competition will be hosted by the French Power Chair Football Association and be held just outside of Paris.  The team...

August 5th, 2013

USPSA is proud to announce that MK Battery has signed on as the official battery of United States Power Soccer Association and the US Power Soccer national teams!  Due to the global reach of MK Battery, we anticipate that this new relationship will help the sport reach new heights for years to come. 

Wayne Merdinger, MK Battery VP of Business Development and International Sales, said, “MK Battery is deeply honored to have the opportunity to lend our support to such a vital organization…the sport of Power Soccer enhances the lives of those with disabilities and we are extremely proud to be taking such an active role in the program.  It is a perfect sponsorship match for our company.  We have provided reliable power to wheelchair users for years, and we were flattered to learn that our batteries have been in use by most of these athletes for some time.  A team sport brings competitive excitement into the lives of the athletes and their families.  We want to help that opportunity grow for as many people as possible.” 

Regarding the new partnership, USPSA President Dominic Russo said, “The USPSA is grateful to MK Battery for their sponsorship of this great sport.  Their support will allow us to...

July 22nd, 2013

Dear Members,

The United States Power Soccer Association's Executive Board has received and accepted the resignation of Junior Mamea as President. The Board would like to thank Junior for his service in his position as President over the past 13 months.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Executive Board has appointed and has received an acceptance from Dominic Russo, the former President, to fill the role of President until the next election. This appointment allows for the continuity needed for the USPSA to best continue its mission and achieve its goals.

The Executive Board


June 21st, 2013

The 2013 USPSA Conference Cup season is underway! The battles for the top spots in the Premier and Founders conferences are up first this weekend, June 21st-23rd, in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The Presidents teams duel in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona June 27th-29th. Last but not least, the Champions Cup takes place July 18th-20th in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

The game schedules and unofficial scores will be posted on as quickly as possible, though they may not be up-to-the-minute. Also be sure and check out Facebook and Twitter for updates on social media!

Finally, Power Soccer Shop is broadcasting select games from the Premier and Founders Cups online! Visit their website for live streams:

June 1st, 2013

Letter from the President

Summer is here and that means only one thing for USPSA! Conference Cups Championships are in full effect. Special thanks to Ruth & Brian Akre from Midwest Power Soccer Association, Andrew Achenbach from Turnstone, and John Lundgren from the Arizona Desert Outlaws for being our tournament hosts. Lots of hard work and many hours of planning and preparation have been put in by our three tournament hosts! They are all excited to welcome friends, families, volunteers, fans, community supporters, sponsors, and teams to the cities of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Phoenix, Arizona. 

Also, I would like to send out a special congratulations to all of our USPSA college, high school and middle school Class of 2013 graduates!  USPSA is very proud of your academic accomplishments!

Good luck teams!  Go out and seize the day!

Ta'avasa "Jr." Mamea
USPSA President


USPSA representatives, Jerry Frick, Karen Russo, and JC Russo along with...

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