October 27th, 2014

The journey to the FIFPA World Cup has begun. Two weeks ago, 20 players from all over the US went to Indianapolis to tryout for the FIPFA World Cup Team. It was 3 days of intense evaluation and drills from 9am to 9pm. Players skills were put to the test as they competed to make the next team. All who participated left the weekend knowing more than when they arrived and everyone took something away with them to improve their game.                                                        

Coach Hayes had this to say: "After three long days of selection camp in Greenwood, Indiana. with an outstanding group of 20 athletes, the 12 athletes that will be representing the USA in the next World Cup have been selected. Although this step is over, the journey has just begun for these athletes. Over the next year these players will have weekly drills to help sharpen their skills along with 5 or 6 training camps. During this journey these players will learn and execute a new version of how the USA will...

July 13th, 2014

Premier Cup
1. ASU Sun Devils
2. Tampa Thunder
3. Circle City Rollers
4. CNY United
5. Turnstone Flyers
6. RHI Sudden Impact
7. Minnesota Magic
8. DASA MO Rush
9. SoCal Vaqueros

MVP:  Jordan Dickey
Golden Guard:  Gabe Trujillo
Sportsmanship: Sarah Schwegal

Champions Cup
1. Minnesota Shockwave
2. RHI Indy Cruisers
3. Turnstone Furious Flyers
4. Ball State Cardinals
5. San Jose Steamrollers
6. GLASA Chicago Fire
7. Hollister Free Wheelers
8. Tampa Bay Crossfire
9. Sting

MVP: Chad Bojorquez
Golden Guard: Pika Durand
Sportsmanship: Greg Buse

Presidents/Founders Cup
1. BORP Crushers
2. Minnesota Northern Lights
3. Lakeshore Power
4. Vermont Chargers
5. Arizona Heat Elite
6. RHI Inferno
7. Brooks Barracudas
8. Henry County Hot Shots

Founders Cup:
MVP: Brandon Garner
Golden Guard: Brandon Garner

MVP: Joey Wells
Golden Guard: Stanley Kuang


July 12th, 2014

The United States Power Soccer Association has announced two of the hosts for the 2015 MK Battery Championship Series.

Premier Cup: Tampa, Florida

Champions Cup: Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Presidents Cup and Founders Cup are still being determined, and more information will come on that in the future.

June 23rd, 2014

The final leg of the MK Battery Championship Series will take place in Phoenix from June 26-28, 2014. The teams have been preparing for this competition all year, and here are the results of their efforts. The teams are presented in the order that they are ranked as of May 31.


Be sure to watch all of the action live at this link!


Team                 Circle City Rollers
Record              21 W 0 L 0 T
Key Victories   vs Turnstone Flyers 3-1
                          vs CNY United 5-3
Key Players      Michael Archer 44 G, 59 A
                          Natalie Russo 33 G, 9 A

Team      ...

June 21st, 2014

Dear Members of the USPSA,

Within the past 48 hours an unprecedented decision was made by FIPFA to ban the Strike Force chair for international competitions due to a violation of Law 4 holding or trapping the ball near the rear wheel. We have all had time to vent and voice our opinions on the outrage of this decision; it is time to address the way forward to allow those players who have been preparing to compete in a World Cup qualification in three weeks a chance to compete in the equipment they have practice in to play.

The manner and process surrounding this decision are clearly in question however in the interest of the players, the USPSA has submitted a proposal to the world members to consider. I have asked the Zone Presidents to call for an emergency meeting to consider, support and present this proposal to FIPFA for their action in time for the competition in Ireland. While we do not agree with the interpretation of the chair holding or trapping the ball, in the interest of all concerned and in the best interest of the sport, we will acquiesce and agree to disagree to allow forward progress. Below is the proposal submitted:


The United States presents the following proposal for the member countries to consider supporting:


June 11th, 2014

Letter from the President

Dear Friends of the USPSA,

We are now in full swing of the season as games and league days are happening almost every weekend. I am pleased to announce we have grown to 64 teams this year through "on time" registration. I know there are many more people out there that would love to participate but don't know about us yet, but we are making progress.

The Board will be reviewing the Conference Cup configuration to determine the final groupings. We have a full field of teams for both the Premier and Champions Conferences. The Presidents Conference was depleted last season due to the relegation process of teams not attending their Cup, and Founders has a lot of interest from teams wishing to begin their journey through the Conference Cup system. We will make an official announcement once we determine the final groupings of the Founders and Presidents Conferences.

I am also happy to share there is some interest to host the Founders and the Presidents Conference Cups. We have given some extra time to allow the potential hosts to organize their bids. As soon as we have a definite host, we will...

June 1st, 2014
Local News

Age: 22
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Team: Ball State Cardinals
Years Playing: 2 years

How did you hear about power soccer?
I heard about it through the MDA camp and when I got to Ball State my freshman year.

What have you learned since playing power soccer?
I have learned how to be a better teammate, a better person, and a better voice for my team.

What do you enjoy most about power soccer?
I enjoy when a play turns into a goal. Just the commitment from everybody to make sure the play runs smoothly, so that in the end, we put a point on the board, and I really love to play defense and love to frustrate the offense.

What would you like to achieve as an athlete?
I would like to achieve a championship, as everyone does. However, I would also like to achieve the praise by my teammates and by the opponent. I also want to let people see that I am trying my 100% best.

What would you say to other people that might be interested in trying power soccer?
I would say that this is a great way to feel...

May 31st, 2014

The first two legs of the MK Battery Championship Series would take place in Indianapolis from June 13-15, 2014. The teams have been preparing for this competition all year, and here are the results of their efforts. The teams are presented in the order that they are ranked as of May 31.


Team                 San Jose Steamrollers
Record              15 W 5 L 2 T
Key Victories   vs Hollister Free Wheelers 2-0
                          vs SoCal Vaqueros 3-2
Key Players      Ryan Connolly 22 G, 19 A
                          Matthew Arensdorf 15 G, 7 A

Team                 RHI Indy Cruisers
Record              12 W 8 L 2 T
Key Victories   vs Turnstone Furious Flyers 5-0

April 25th, 2014

From May 2, 2014 through May 4, 2014, Team USA will be competing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the I Mundialito de Power Soccer 2014. Please see the competition schedule to the right (based on Rio time), and support Team USA!

The live stream of the competition can be found at this link as well!

Rosters and schedules broken down by team can be found at this link.

March 12th, 2014

Dear Power Soccer Community,

The United States Power Soccer Association and the 2007 and 2011 World Cup Champion US National Power Soccer Teams would appreciate your support of our grassroots campaign to grow awareness about power soccer and Honor the World Cup Champions at the White House. Please spread the word about the campaign through social media and e-mail with all your contacts THIS WEDNESDAY March 12.

We want to coordinate a joint message from everyone we know on the same day to increase our reach. Please encourage your contacts to share the campaign. Here are three ways to support the campaign.

1. Click on this link to join the campaign:
2. Click on this link to help us reach The White House, Mrs. Obama and the President on Twitter:

3. Click on this link to our Facebook fan page to like, share, communicate and connect:

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